Galani and Pancakes at Passo di Minuetto

Experience the partiesand  the vibesof  the Venetian   Carnival   entering   the   sixteenth rooms  of  a  Venetian  palace  overlooking  the Grand Canal.

Spend   an   afternoon   dressed   in   elegant costumes  with  friends,  immersing  yourself completely    in    the    atmosphere    of    the Venetian   Carnival,   with   historical   masks and    dances    tasting    hot    chocolate    and pancakes. An experienced teacher will be at your  disposal  to  guide  you  in  learning  the steps of the baroque dance

Time: 15:00 -17:00

Dates: 16-23 february 2020

Number of participants: min 40 - max 65

Dress code: period costume

Program and cast

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February 2020

Nani Bernardo Palace

Designed by Architect Vittoria, on commission from the Bernardo family, the Palace was built in 1550
What is now the building's main façade – covered entirety by fresco' s - originally formed the side of the building that overlooked the garden, where Ca' Rezzonico now stands.

Around 200 years ago, the current owner's ancestors added a new Italian garden to the palace, demolishing a series of houses on the side closest to the Grand Canal in the process and gave the Palazzo Nani Bernardo an entirely new, and harmonious aspect that is still evident today.

Built during the transition period between the Renaissance and Baroque, has a facade with extraordinary compactness and regularity, divided into ground floor, two main floors and an attic. The marble white face is characterized by the presence of two arms up to the second floor.

The building is served by a superb entrance to the Grand Canal and then through a large main staircase that allows access to the two main floors.

Another element is the really valuable back garden, very nice and extraordinarily extended in length, made during the eighteenth century.

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