Minuetto 1800s Gala Dinner and Ball with music from 1800s

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February 2023

DRESS CODE: period costume

A masquerade made of elegance and fun in the magnificent RIDOTTO HALL, A JOURNEY BACK IN TIME listening to the great music of the 19th century, its famous arias, and learning the historical GROUP DANCES, under the guide of the dance teachers. With the mystery of the masks, you can discover how much you love the Romantic era and how much the people around you do.

The event includes a welcome aperitif and a four-course SEATED DINNER paired with regional wines. The vegetarian or meat menu options can be selected at the time of booking.

Venue max capacity: 100 people.

Program and cast

Hotel Monaco

Dandolo Palace, Ridotto Main Hall

The palace of the noble Dandolo was the first place to accomodate the "Ridotto", public gaming rooms from 1638 till 1774. It used to be open during Carnival, which lasted several months, and during that time Giacomo Casanova considered the Ridotto as the stage setting and backdrop for his conquests.

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