The Phantom of the Opera

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Saturday 18th February La Chic Venise presents the great carnival party at the Saturnia hotel, in partnership with Rialto Ensemble's musicians and artists.

The party program includes:

18.30: check in at the hotel reception where our staff will introduce guests to the evening that will be held on the noble floor.

19:00 pm:  aperitif served on the piano nobile: the audience will be involved by music and the artists. Our staff will involve all the guests presenting a waltz lesson and themed gallant dances for unforgettable fun.

20:00-20: 30: The evening comes alive. The dinner is served in the restaurant where, between courses and the other, the guests will be involved by alternate performances of singers and artists ,jugglers, dancers and singers will be ready to suggest and involve the audience in a sensational experience.

23:00 pm the dessert will be served by the hotel's staff and start the dance on dencefloor

01:00 am: end of the party.

Dress code: compulsory participation in carnival costumes or in elegant dress with mask.

Program and cast

Hotel Saturnia

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