Candlenight Concert: Lirica a Palazzo Zeno

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June 2024



Candlenight Concert

The Zeno family in collaboration with the association I Musici Patavini invites you to enter the splendid rooms of Palazzo Zeno in Venice to experience the great emotion of Italian opera. 

You will be surrounded by candles and beams of coloured lights in the evocative atmosphere of one of the most beautiful palaces in Venice. During the concert, the rooms come to life, as if the ghosts of the past mingle among the guests, whispering ancient melodies and memories. Perhaps, within the walls of Palazzo Zeno, lies a still unsolved mystery, ready to be revealed only to those who immerse themselves in the enchantment of the evening.



Enveloped by the ancient walls of Palazzo Zeno, you will hear the most beautiful melodies of Italian opera, where the greatness of opera is combined with the timeless genius of Ennio Morricone's film music and Venetian and Neapolitan love romances. 

The protagonists of the concert will be the performers of Venice Opera Concert with a trio of opera singers accompanied by an instrumental ensemble consisting of piano and string trio.


Practical information

The concert lasts about one and a half hours. You will be welcomed with a prosecco aperitif and a light savoury buffet. Before the concert you can visit the rooms of the palace where the Doge of Venice lived. With its wonderful mirrors, frescoes and paintings, these rooms still hold secrets and mysteries that will be narrated to you by the living voice of the descendants of the noble Zeno family during the visit to the Noble Floor of the Palace, its Portico, and the magnificent garden.



Situated just a short walk from the Basilica dei Frari in the San Polo district, Palazzo Zeno was built in the late 14th century by Carlo Zeno, "Capitano da mar," hero of the war of Chioggia fought by Venice against Genoa. It later underwent various alterations, the most important and profound of which was the work of architect Antonio Gasparri, hired by Alessandro Zeno, ambassador of the Serenissima to the court of King Louis XV at Versailles. 

All the rooms of the palace are frescoed and decorated with stucco work by the greatest artists of the time, such as Antonio Pellegrini, Jacopo Guarana, Abbondio Stazio, and Amigoni.

The Zeno family has played a major role in Venetian history since the time of the Serenissima: one of them was Doge (Renier Zeno, 1253) and other descendants were ambassadors, senators and cardinals.



In the Candlenight Concert at Palazzo Zeno you will find:

- A unique ambience lit by candles and bands of light beams

- The most beautiful melodies of Italian opera

- The film music of Ennio Morricone

- A 5-star welcome

- Visit to the frescoed halls 

- Alcoholic/alcoholic aperitif and savoury light buffet

- Hall booklet and information about the Palace

- A kind gift during a break in the concert 

- Singers and musicians of Venice Opera Concert



The entrance ticket includes the annual membership card of the 'I Musici Patavini' association, which grants access to the concert and provides other special discounts reserved for members. Please provide ID copy at the entrance for the issue of the card. 

Program and cast

Opera arias Verdi, Puccini and Ennio Morricone - Oscar-winning music


Duration: 100 minutes


Vip: row 1-2

Gold: row 3-8

Silver: row 9-12

Photo gallery

Palazzo Ca´Zen ai Frari

Palazzo Zeno , near the Frari church, was built in the late fourteenth century by Carlo Zeno, “Capitano da mar”, a hero in the Chioggia’s war waged by Venezia against Genova .

The fine gothic facade of the palazzo overlooking the canal of San Stin, has been preserved intact, and is surmounted by elegant obelisks dating from the seventeenth century. The Zen family can be traced back to its very early origins having played a part in Venetian history ever since the time of the Partecipazio-Badoer; furthermore it provided the Serenissima with a Doge ( Renier Zeno , 1253), as well as various ambassadors, senators and cardinals.

The Palazzo near the Frari underwent various alterations over the centuries the most important and far-reaching of which was the work of the architect Antonio Gasparri who was engaged by Alessandro Zeno who had been ambassador of the Serenissima at the court of the King Louis XV at Versailles. Alessandro, probably influenced by the splendors of the French court, decided to add a new wing to the antique palazzo, giving onto the courtyard. The interior decoration was renovated in a sumptuous manner. All the rooms of the palazzo, in fact, are frescoed or decorated with stuccoes by the greatest artists of the period such as Antonio Pellegrini, Jacopo Guarana, Abbondio Stazio and Amigoni.

Even at the end of eighteenth century, despite the end of the Venetian Republic (1797) and the severe economies crisis, the Zeno family began a project to redecorate some rooms of the new wing with ceilings frescoed by Giuseppe Borsato.

The Zeno family still lives in the Palazzo.

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