Serra dei Giardini

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Located in Venice, in the Castello area, a few minutes from the Biennale Gardens and historically known by the name of Margherita Serra, Serra of Castle was built in 1894 with the aim of creating a "tepidarium glass and needles" act to host the palm trees and other decorative plants used for the coeval International Art Exhibition. Following its construction, the Serra accounted for citizenship, for a period of more than a hundred years, a place of work and menial but important tasks, handed down by generations of gardeners until a few decades ago.

The premises of the Serra are served for winter maintenance of hardy species sensitive to the cold, but also, as of a certain date, for the production and propagation of many other resources required for the implementation of municipal flower beds and the Lido of Venice and to decorate the noble Venetian rooms in meetings, receptions and events.

In the early nineties, however, Serra was abandoned and suffered a slow decline, which lasted for more than a decade.


With its restoration, the City of Venice has returned to Serra the former glory, with a view to preserving the one hand the original use, the other to ensure public accessibility, through a botanical content activities and nature can involve local communities and institutions and, at the same time, be an opportunity for culture, knowledge and encounter.